Smartphones: A Sneak Peek of the Decade Gone By!

The past decade has seen immense growth in the world of mobile phones. In fact, a few years ago, smartphones were something that only super busy business men would use. Only a few people in India had the money to buy a mobile phone and an expensive plan to boast of while the rest of us had to make do with good ol’ fashioned STD/PCO booths.

Fast forward 5 years and the number of people sporting the latest mobile phones have gone up quite a bit thanks to cheaper phones and lower call rates. However, a whole revolution was about to take place in the form of smart phones.

Smartphones changed the way humans communicated. The past five years has seen tremendous growth in the smart phone arena with more and more tech getting crammed inside a space smaller than your old pencil box. If you went back in time to 10 years ago and told someone that they will have a device that will have a better screen than their current TV, hold more information than an entire library, be able to take pictures, record videos, play music, and will be able to fit inside your jeans pocket, they would have told you to go back to the asylum.

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However, the past year or two has seen a bit of a slowdown in terms of technological innovations. That’s because while technology has grown at a tremendous rate, companies are still hampered by the size of the battery that they can put in. The more technology that you put inside a phone, the more power it requires. And this is where old fashioned feature phones score over the new smartphones. Even with the latest android mobiles, you should consider yourself lucky to get a day of charge, maybe two. With a feature phone, you could easily get a week from your phone.

The only way to improve the battery life of the latest mobile phones is by fitting the largest possible battery you can inside a smart phone that was usually reserved for premium phones as it is quite expensive to do so. Budget smart phones don’t usually have a large battery life. However, if only there was a company that made a name for itself by taking features and specifications reserved for premium smart phones and making it available for the masses in the form of a budget smart phone. #staytuned.

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