Smartphone Screen Technology: IPS HD Display Explained

Smartphone Screen Technology

Smartphone Screen Technology


Display technology is one of the primary things to consider when buying a new Android smartphone. As different vendors use different screen technologies, the quality of the phone you buy may also come down to the brand. Now, unfortunately, screen technology is where most budget-oriented smartphone brands cut costs by implementing inferior screens. So, if you are looking for a budget smartphone to buy during the festive season and do not want to buy a screen that is dull, unresponsive, and has poor viewing angles, your options are limited.

Lava Mobiles is one of the few smartphone makers who use high-quality screens on their phones. But the more exciting thing to note here is that Lava uses high-quality screens even on its budget smartphones.

Benefits of High-Quality Screens

HD Screen Resolution

Lava smartphones come with an HD screen resolution. HD is an acronym for High Definition, which means there are more pixels per inch in an HD screen. Having more pixels means the images, videos, and text displayed on your smartphone screen are sharper and have more detail. However, HD screen resolutions also require higher processing power, and that is the reason why Lava uses powerful quad-core processors in all its budget smartphones.

IPS Panels

IPS stands for in-plane switching, and it is a type of display panel. IPS is one of the most advanced display panels in the market today, especially for budget-oriented smartphones which generally use cheaper TFT LCDs.

A TFT LCD has lower brightness and poor display angles. It is an outdated technology in 2018. IPS panels, on the other hand, are used by professional photo editors and in 4k Smart Televisions due to their near accurate color reproduction and great viewing angles. IPS screens are also the best when it comes to outdoor legibility due to their higher brightness levels.

Lava uses the IPS HD display for all its smartphones in India and abroad.

Other Benefits

Smartphones with IPS HD displays are also power efficient. Their color accuracy and wider viewing angles also make them ideal for media consumption and playing mobile games. Furthermore, the IPS HD displays have a high refresh rate which means even general tasks like browsing and skimming through menus is fast and fluid.

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To top it off, Lava covers the display with a 2.5D curved glass panel which not only makes the phones look stylish but also improves the ergonomics and the look and feel of their Android smartphones.

To know more about Lava smartphones or to buy one, visit now.

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