Smartphone Photography Redefined with Lava Pixel V2

Lava Pixel V2

What is the one thing that comes to our mind when we think about phones these days? Most obvious answer is camera! With everybody obsessed with the way they look while getting clicked, it was only time that we at Lava came out with a phone that would redefine smartphone photography- The Lava Pixel V2.

The 13MP rear and 8MP front camera of the Pixel V2 are equipped with 1.4-micron pixel size BSI Sensors which ensure that you get crystal clear images. With F2.0 aperture for the rear camera and F2.4 aperture for the front camera, now you don’t need to look for a bigger and brighter source of light. Not to forget, the 5P Largan Lens with Blue glass filter for the rear camera and 4P Largan lens for the front camera, guarantee quality photography.

Pixel V2- MagicPix

Now, you can explore unlimited imaging possibilities with the MagicPix feature of the Pixel V2 :

Wide Selfie

Selfies are no longer just about the face, what also matters is the background. With the wide angle feature in the front camera of Pixel V2 , you can capture more in a single image. The panoramic selfie will also help you in capturing that epic group selfie you always wanted.


Enhance your beauty with the beauty-fi feature- remove your blemishes, whiten your skin tone, slim your face, make your eyes big and smoothen your images with just once swipe of your finger.

Pic focus

Get the DSLR effect with this feature. Blur the background and focus on the subject to give the professional touch in all your images.

Night Pro

Does low light stop you from clicking those super amazing photographs that you had imagined them to be? With Night Pro’s revolutionary technology, get brighter, clearer and colorful images even in the dark.


With everything else becoming personalized, why would GIF (animated images) be far behind?The Pixel V2also enables you to create your own GIF using the photos and videos from your camera roll. You can easily create animated icons and avatars of yourself and share it with your friends on social platforms.

With unrivalled camera features like these, Lava Pixel V2 delivers an excellent smartphone experience.


For additional details and specifications of Pixel V2, visit

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