Smartphone Camera Features Explained

Latest Smartphone Camera Features

Latest Smartphone Camera Features

Modern camera phones offer image customizations which we couldn’t have imagined some years back. The advent of social media and the transformation of a cellphone into a smartphone has been so rapid that most of smartphone users are not utilizing the full potential of their device.
In today’s post, we cover the smartphone camera features that make your Android phone’s camera much more than a point and click device.

Latest Smartphones Camera Features

Beauty Mode

Perhaps the most used of all other camera features is the beauty mode. The beauty filter uses smart exposure and image processing techniques to remove blemishes, making self-portraits look better.
Beauty mode is widely popular and is a must have for every modern camera phone.


In simple terms, bokeh is the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of an image. Modern smartphones such as the Lava Z90 use dual camera setup for capturing more pleasing and natural looking bokeh shots.

Funny Cam

The funny cam feature is another popular mobile camera feature that is great for passing time or for some quirky uploads to your Instagram feed. The range of filters within the funny cam mode vary from device to device but are quite addictive regardless.


It stands for slow motion, adding the old-school cinema trick of slowing down the motion in a video. With creative application, the slow-mo mode can get more likes and subscribes for your vlog.

Time Lapse Video

Another popular mode introduced recently by smartphone makers is the ability to capture time lapse videos with your phone’s camera. Videos captured in time lapse mode allow you to view events in the video at a greater speed, hence making them an opposite of the slow-mo mode.
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