Seven Utility Apps for Vacation Planning

Seven Apps for Vacation Planning Featured Image


Seven Apps for Vacation Planning

Short on ideas for your next trip? If you and your friends are doing more planning and less action, then it’s time to stop doing everything on a WhatsApp group. Google Play Store has some great travel apps, here are our top picks for planning an exciting summer vacation.


Tripoto App

The app is a platform for travelers to share their experiences, giving you first-hand accounts of places you’ve wanted to visit, or places you didn’t even know you wanted to visit. Discover the best locations, the best activities, the recommended budgets etc. with Tripoto trip reportsand the only thing left to do is to grab your backpack!



Thrillophilia App

If adrenaline is your favorite kind of shot, Thrillophilia is the app for you. Discover exciting adventure activities, tours and holiday experiences near your location. The app is also great for finding activities nearby when on a holiday. And, you can always rely on fellow adventurers for authentic reviews and blog posts for a ‘tried and tested’ experience.



Couchsurfing App

Bored of doing the same old ‘decide a place, hire a guide and roam around’ holiday routines? Couchsurfing is where you connect with hosts (Couchsurfers) around the globe and experience life up-close in a foreign land. The idea of staying in someone else’s house for free may seem awkward, but take it from the millions of devotees across the globe, it’s a one of a kind experience. App

You know how the saying goes, ‘a turn in time, saves nine’. Okay, so we tweaked it a little, but quite often we find ourselves without internet while travelling.It’s better to have an offline navigation app on your phone to avoid going around in circles. offers the most detailed offline maps of the lot (Google, Navigon, etc.), complete with turn by turn navigation.


Skyscanner and Kayak

Skyscanner AppKayak App

Travel discounts, yay! Fly, book and rent at bargain prices so you have more money to spend on your actual holiday! Skyscanner and Kayak provide the excellent service of crawling through online flight, hotel and car rental deals and getting you the best offerson the market.What’s more, in-app automated flight time reminders andairport assistance features always keep you ahead of your schedule.


Trip Expense Manager

Trip Expense Manager App

Tracking your expenses while travelling is very important for, well, coming back home 😉 Trip Expense Manager lets you track your expenses and calculate your dues. The app also lays out your total expenditure in a pie-chart format, something you can refer to, when planning your next trip.


Do you use your smartphone for planning your holiday travel? Let us know which apps you use to plan your travel. Looking for a new Android smartphone? Check out Lava’s latest releases here.




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