Security Tips for Protecting Your Android Smartphone


Security Tips for latest Android Smartphone

The threat however is not limited to hacking attacks, in many cases a stolen or lost device can also compromise your security. But if you take certain precautions – and fairly simple ones at that – you can stave off most threats.

Use Pin not Patterns

Research has shown that pins are more secure than patterns, since patterns can be easily memorised by an onlooker.

Use Passwords for Sensitive Apps

If you have a lot of banking and social media apps on your mobile phone, it is better to secure them using an additional app security password.

Use a Mobile Anti-Virus App

While mobile anti-virus softwares are still a developing phenomenon, it is good to have one for scanning email attachments and browser downloads.

Don’t Store Sensitive Apps and Data on MicroSD Cards

Although it is always good to have extra storage space on your smartphone, avoid storing sensitive information on your Android Phone’s MicroSD card.

Enable Android Device Encryption

Latest Android Smartphones come with an inbuilt encryption setting for securing all the information saved on your device. It makes it difficult for a hacker to extract and decipher the information in case your device is compromised. Here is how to do it,

Settings – Security – Encrypt Phone + Encrypt SD Card

You will have to enter your device security pin once you choose to proceed. The process takes a while to finish and must be completed once started. So make sure your device is plugged in while the encryption is going on.

Avoid Apps from Web Downloads

Use Google Play Store to ensure that you get safe and untampered apps for your phone. Downloading apps from websites can compromise your phone’s security.

Set up Find My Device for Remote Security

Every Android Phone has this function, set it up for remotely tracking and erasing data from your phone in case it gets stolen  or lost. Here is how to do it,

  1. Download the “Find My Device” app from Google Play
  2. Login to the app using your Gmail ID
  3. Accept all the prompts that come up on the screen
  4. Tap on Lock and Erase option to enable remote control

Don’t Leave Bluetooth and WiFi on at all times

These connections can be used by third party devices to remotely steal data from your phone. So, make sure you only turn them on when pairing with a known network.

Apart from these security tips, it is also advisable that you keep your  smartphone updated with the latest releases from Google. In case your phone is old and has stopped receiving OS updates, it is better to upgrade to a new smartphone. You can check out some of the latest Android smartphones from Lava Mobiles.

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