Record Your World with the Lava KKT 27 Plus

KKT 27+ Poster

Lava is all about redefining the world of phones which has seen its fair share of stagnation. This is especially true for the feature phone segment which is now left behind in the hubbub of the smart phone race. While everyone else may have left the venerable phone behind in the race to create more powerful and more expensive smart phones, we continue to create newer feature phones that offer excellent value. We continue this tradition with our latest feature phone, the Lava KKT 27+.

While the rest of the world may have moved on to smart phones, a large percentage of the Indian population still prefer features phones. This is because of two very big reasons. The first being that the feature phones are very simple and easy to use which is something most cherished by the older generation. The second reason for its popularity is its long battery life which is most cherished in the rural parts of the country where a continuous source of electricity is a rarity.

The most talked about feature of the new entrant KKT 27+ is the ‘call record’ button that lets users record their conversation at the touch of a button. Aside from this, the Lava KKT 27+ also features a beautifully designed body as well as a long battery life thanks to its 1450mAh battery capacity. Aside from all this, the phone also features FM recording as well as the ability to playback most audio formats which is sure to delight music lovers.

Like each and every phone by Lava Mobiles, the Lava KKT 27+ is the perfect blend of value and features. It is priced at Rs.1800/- and is available in markets throughout India.

KKT 27 Plus specs:

  • 7.112 cm (2.8) Screen Size
  • 1.3 MP Camera
  • 1450 mAh Battery
  • Direct key for call recording
  • FM with recording

Lava KKT 27 Plus

Follow the link to know more about the KKT series:

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