These Android Apps will Add Some Fun to Your Photos!

Photo Editing Apps

Photo Editing Apps

In recent times, smartphones have replaced your point-and-shoot cameras. One way smartphone cameras outperform top-of-the-line digital cameras is with added editing features.  They are portable and perfect for creating impactful, stirring images, as well as casual snapshots and selfies. The best part is you can share the photos in real-time with your friends, family, and acquaintances.

To add those perfect finishing touches and that extra effect of filters, users can take advantage of a wide range of picture editing apps. Designed to optimize photos quickly, these programs can run directly on mobile devices. These apps are user-friendly and fast that there is no need to acquire knowledge of any professional photo editing software.

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This means you can turn that random photo into an interesting one by adding some artistic tweaks, such as contrast, filters, vintage effects, and color adjustments.

Let’s look at some of

The Photo Editing Apps:

  • Camera Fun Free:

What makes this app fun to use is that you can apply different photo effect lenses while capturing the picture. You don’t need to capture a photo and then edit it afterward. All you need to do is switch to different types of lenses available in the app. The free version gives you 6 lens effects to choose from and the pro version of the app has 29 lens effects to choose from. So, if you want instant photo effects try Camera Fun Free.

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  • Lightbox Photos:

If you’ve tried the new Instagram for Android, you’d be interested to know that Lightbox Photos can be a suitable substitute for it. Lightbox Photos lets you edit your photos by applying effects to make them more fun. You can either add post effects to your photo or give it that retro camera look. And if you think you have created a great photo, you can actually share it with your friends via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. You can also view your photos online by creating a Lightbox account. One of the great things about Lightbox Photos is that you can publish your own photo blog.

  • Fotor Photo Editor:

Fotor is a long time member of this list and it has a lot more actual editing tools than most. It allows you to enhance photos with a one-tap. Some of the other tools include crop, rotate, brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, vignetting, shadow, highlights, temperature, tint, RGB, and, if those aren’t working, there are over 100 filters for you to choose from. It’s definitely worth a shot.

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  • Photo Effects Pro:

Photo Effects Pro is definitely an editor for those who like to play with filters, effects, stickers, and things like that. It offers more than 40 filters and effects as well as the ability to add text, stickers, and frames. The unique feature Photo Effects Pro has is the ability to finger paint on your photo to make it interesting. There is a small selection of photo editing tools also. It’s free to use which makes it a great option for those on a budget.

  • Pixlr Express:

It’s a photo editor with tons of powerful features and tools. It has one of the best one-touch enhance tools. It offers a huge range of exciting filters and cosmetic editing tools like blemish removers and teeth whiteners. This photo editor app has a little something for everybody.

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