Online Shopping Tips: 7 Ways to Keep you and your Money Safe

7 ways to keep you and your money safe- Feature Image

Online Shopping Tips

Let’s face it, online shopping is super addictive, and why not? You have catalogue upon catalogue of products on incredible deals. They’ll deliver, exchange or accept returns for free. And you can easily be sitting at work, while going on a large spree.
But here’s the scary part, the National Crime Records Bureau reports that cases of online identity theft and credit/debit card fraud have spiked in recent years. So, a few, small steps can spell the difference between securing your money, and sobbing on the phone with your bank!

Browse and Shop on Trusted Platforms

The internet these days is littered with pop-up ads and deals. Sometimes an online deal may seem too irresistible to skip, but here’s the catch. It might also leave you with a lighter wallet. Such dubious marketers are everywhere on the internet, therefore, don’t strayaway from trusted platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. You know how the saying goes, “If it’s too good to be real, it probably is.”

Always Check for the SSL Lock

Always check for the SSL Lock
If you do decide that the deal cannot be skipped, just a simple check while shopping on a hitherto unheard of platform can help secure your monies. Check for a small lock icon in your address bar. The placement of lock might differ on different browsers, so we’ve attached some screenshots below. The lock means the website has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption which protects the information (like your card details) you enter on that website.

Do not Share Personal Information

Think logically before providing information on e-commerce websites. Why would ‘Flipkart’ suddenly ask for your Aadhar Card number, unless they are delivering gas cylinders now? Look closer and you might find that it’s ‘’. There are many dubious URLs which trick users into divulging personal information such as birth date, Aadhar Card Number and other IDs. Beware of providing any such information on online shopping platforms.

Avoid Storing Card Details Online

More of a caution, than an absolute rule. Websites and apps nowadays have a faster checkout feature which let you store card details online. Avoid using this feature on lesser known websites and apps since hackers keep targeting online databases for such info. A few more seconds of hassle can save you from a potential cyber theft.

Keep a Check on your Account Statements

We know it’s a chore to check your Credit Card statements for expenses every month. But if you are a regular online shopper, it would be sensible to verify your purchases against the charges. Sometimes an e-vendor might sneak in a hidden charge. Luckily, all banks allow a credit reverse charge in case you report a fraudulent transaction.

Sanitize your PC

Sometimes your PC may also become the source of a hack, there are several malicious tools such as rootkits, trojans and key-loggers, which hackers use to gain remote access to your PC. Make sure you keep your system updated with latest security patches and an anti-virus program to minimize such threats.

Online Shopping on Your Smartphone

Most of us use smartphone apps and mobile web to shop online, and hackers as always have found ways to circumvent smartphone security features. Google is regularly releasing security updates for its Android OS. So, the next time you get a notification for software update, do remember to install it when you are on WiFi. In case your mobile is outside Google’s software support cycle, Lava Mobiles offers a great range of Android smartphones with latest security updates.





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