Unlock with a Glance – Lava Z91 Face Recognition

Lava Z91 smartphone

Lava Z91 smartphone


Earlier, there were passwords, then came patterns, then finger touch, and recently face recognition. Each security measure has its own advantages. However, Facial recognition by far is the most convenient, hassle-free, and effective among all.

Lava being India’s leading smartphone brand known for offering value for money handsets, smartphones, and tablets have been successful in raising the bar with its Z-series. The Z-series stands as a tough competitor to other brands in terms of features, product reliability, and budget. Hitting the top place in this series is the Lava Z91 – It’s the first phone introduced with face recognition in Z-Series.

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In just 0.7 seconds you can easily unlock the phone with your face. Imagine yourself standing in a market with your hands already occupied with shopping bags and you need to access your phone, you just need to bring your phone in front of your face and it’s done in a jiffy. This is where face recognition will overpower finger touch, saving your efforts of placing that one specific finger of the specific hand to the correct spot.

This latest smartphone has got everything you look for – From securing your data to amazing camera capabilities and much more. With 5.7-inch HD+ display, it offers an immersive viewing experience while watching movies and playing games. The premium glass at its back is processed the same as manufacturing of the luxury watches.

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What attracts most while buying a phone is the camera quality and Lava Z91 stands above the rest in this area having a 13-megapixel primary camera along with an 8-megapixel selfie shooter, with Bokeh mode.

Now, you can swiftly switch from one application to another with its 3GB RAM, crossing all the limits to what you can achieve with Lava Z91. It comes with 32 GB storage giving you ample space to store your files. It is also having a multi-function fingerprint scanner which can help you to prevent unauthorized access to your applications and also to take selfies with a single tap. Beholding its uniqueness, it comes in a classic blue color making it a marvel to look at.

Lava Z91 is a smartphone that not only boasts of top-notch specifications in its price segment, but its performance matches its impressive specifications.

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