Lava Z80: The New Head Turner in Town

lava Z80


Lava z80

Lava’s latest smartphone, the Z80 has been a revelation in the budget Android smartphone space. Sporting an ultra-modern look, the Lava Z80 is a head turner in its own right. Over the years Lava has perfected its mobile phone design and hardware features and the Lava Z80 is a result of the company’s long-standing customer centric approach.

Here is how the Z80 is captivating reviewers and users alike.

An Elegant Piano Finish

The highlight of the Lava Z80 is how cool it looks from every angle. The sides of the phone feature 3D strips in Piano Black finish which enhance the bold looks of the Lava Z80. Its large screen has a tapering 2.5D glass which not only makes the phone look stylish but also improves its ergonomics.


Dual Bokeh Cameras Make You Stand Out

The Lava Z80 brings novelty camera features to the budget smartphone landscape with its dual bokeh cameras. Both the front and the back camera feature the bokeh mode which allows you to click pictures with sharper focus by blurring out the background noise. This means you click more appealing and colour rich pictures than ever before with a smartphone in this segment.



Smart Fingerprint Sensor

Lava has always stressed on safety of user data, and the smart fingerprint sensor on the Lava Z80 is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to secure your phone’s contents. Lava has added some very useful software mods to the fingerprint sensor, making it smarter and more useful than ever. You can use the fingerprint sensor to lock individual apps, launch an assigned app, and to click selfies.



A true multitasker in your hands

The Z80 features the latest hardware and software combination to provide a seamless Android experience. Browse, work and play with effortless on your Lava Z80 with the quad core processor and 3GB RAM. The Z80 ships with Android Nougat which is the most efficient and powerful version of Android yet.



2 Year Warranty is the new norm at Lava

Lava recently announced a 2-year warranty service on all new launches, so naturally every Lava Z80 buyer will benefit from the extended warranty service. That and the reliability that comes with products from an Indian smartphones brand add great value to your purchase.

Are you looking for a stylish device with all the latest Android smartphone features but couldn’t decide which one to buy? Well, have a look at the Lava Z80 by clicking here, and you may not have second thoughts anymore.


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