Lava Spark Candy, the Newest Member of Spark Series


The Lava Spark series of feature phones have always been about offering the best feature phones that appeal to the Indian user at a price that will not be too intimidating. At the same time, the phone needs to be simple enough for anyone to use without much hassle.

The Spark Candy is the newest member of the Spark series of feature phones by Lava. As the name suggests, it is literally an eye candy and comes in bright and vibrant colours such as cool mint green, bitter lime yellow and cotton candy pink. The best part is that each phone comes with two colourful back panels in the box so that you can interchange as per your fancy.

Lava Spark Candy

However, The Lava Spark Candy is a lot more than just an eye candy. It comes with a bunch of other features that are quite awesome for a feature phone. The 2 mp camera on the back is quite cool for a phone at this price range and will take quite decent images. The camera is also capable of recording videos.

As far as entertainment goes, the Lava Spark Candy has got you covered. The phone is capable of playing a whole host of audio and video formats. It can play MP3, WAV and AMR audio formats as well as AVI, MP3 and 3GP video formats. It can also play and record FM music. Spark Candy also comes pre-loaded with games such as Snake, Kick, Tetris and Sokoban.

However, all these features would be less useful if it doesn’t have the space to store it all and thankfully the phone comes with the ability to expand the memory to 8 GB. This is more than enough to carry a vast number of songs, videos and pictures and leave enough space to take a few more of your own. The 2.4 inch screen has a QVGA resolution and videos look pretty good on the compact screen.

One feature that we at Lava knew we had to nail was the battery life. We understand that the battery is one of the most important features and so we ended up putting a very reasonable 1000 mAh battery which not only ensures that the phone is pocket friendly, but also delivers excellent battery life.

The Lava Spark Candy is without a doubt one of the best Lava feature phones and is sure to shake up the competition.  The handset is priced at Rs.1900.

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