Lava Pixel V2- Stay One step ahead with the Power of 4G

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Pixel V2, the successor of Pixel V1 has proved its mettle in more than one way! However, it is the compatibility with 4G connectivity in India that sets it apart from not just its predecessor but also from the rest of the smartphones available in the market.

As in the past, when calls were made over VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol), now with the innovation in technology with Lava Pixel V2 you will be able to enjoy the best quality voice over calls with VOLTE (voice over LTE). Though the smartphone isn’t equipped with this tech novelty as of now, the FOTA  upgrade will be available soon.

Pixel V2 uses CSFB (circuit switching fall back) technology which basically means that you will be able to make voice calls over 2G/3G, however for data services, the device will attach to LTE network.

With 4G connectivity, you are ensured of far-superior internet browsing experience. The good news with Pixel V2 is it comes equipped with dual SIM standby 4G+4G connectivity (one 4G slot running at a time).


With the impending full-fledged launch of 4G in India, let’s take a look as to why you should upgrade your handsets to 4G:

Increased browsing speed

With more than half the time spent on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google etc; the need of the hour is a faster-browsing speed that can match with our growing need. With 4G connectivity, the increased speed will be taken care off.

Instant video downloading

Probably one the most annoying feeling is waiting for the videos or movies to buffer! With 4G connectivity, you will get faster video/movie downloading speed. Streaming HD videos will now take only around 30 seconds to buffer with 4G as compared to 1-5 minutes buffer disruption during playback on 3G. With a high-speed net, you will have less time to twiddle your thumb around.

Video calling gets better

4G Connectivity is a boon for those who use apps like Skype or Google Hangouts to stay in touch with loved ones. Unlike the 3G connections, it allows you to see the visuals clearly without any pixelation of images and there is no delay in sounds!

Timely update of apps

Unlike your previous 3G connectivity which had a restriction on data usage without Wi-Fi connection, now you will be able to update even the biggest apps on your phone with 4G connectivity.

Now you can experience blisteringly fast network performance on your Lava Smartphone.

For additional details and specifications of Pixel V2, visit

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