Lava Pixel V1 Gets Ready to Battle Stagefright

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Two months ago, Google had admitted that there has been a serious privacy issue with how the Android OS processes MMS videos. The backend engine responsible for processing and decoding the videos is named Stagefright exploit. If your phone settings allow MMS videos to load in the background even before you actually open the message, there is a good chance that a hacker can access your phone and its data without you even having any knowledge of it.

After being notified by Google about the potential security issue, we have been working to come up with software updates and patches to mitigate this privacy threat. We have already rolled out security patches for Lava Pixel V1 that negate these exploits and focus on providing better internal security of your device.

The steps below will help you update your device.

Pre Condition:

  • Kindly take a backup of your personal data before proceeding for the upgrade.
  • The device must be connected to healthy network connection (preferably Wi-Fi).
  • The device must have 15 MB of free space.


  • The GOTA update notification will be displayed in the notification bar of the device. You may select to upgrade it at that point of time or later.
  • Go  to Menu > Settings > About Phone > System Update > Select Download (User can go to this step directly via notification bar also) >Wait for package to download > Once download is complete click on Restart and Install option > The device will install the package and restart.


Follow the screens below to install the update successfully via GOTA:

SS1    ss2    ss3

ss4   ss5    ss6

ss7    ss8    ss9


Version before upgrade: S015

Version after upgrade: S018


The idea of someone else going through you data and having almost unrestricted access to your phone’s operation is a scary thought in itself! Your privacy is our top most priority and we plan to provide the most stringent measures to protect it. We at Lava are doing our best to resolve this issue over the next couple of days.

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