Lava Pixel V1 –Experience the Unmatched Performance of In-built Memory

Lava Pixel V1

Smartphones nowadays have become so much intertwined with our daily lives. It is easy to see that we have become inherently dependent on these technological miracles to make our daily lives easier. One of the most important aspects of having a smartphone in your pocket is having all of your personal data, (apps, music, videos and pictures) with you at all times. But storing your data requires tremendous amounts of space, either internally within the phone or as external memory cards. And that is where storage space plays an important role in mobile devices.

Though both internal, as well as external (expandable) memories, have an important role to play, it is the internal storage that is critical in any phone. The Lava Pixel V1 is one of the best smartphones in the market right now that offers 32 GB ROM, which can be expanded up to an additional 32 GB with an SD card. Internal storage also offers lots of other benefits over standard external memory cards, let’s have a closer look.

FasterLava Pixel V1Internal storage modules are quite expensive when compared to traditional memory cards that are generally used as external memory. This is due to the fact that these modules are made up of superior quality materials to ensure up to 10 times faster read and write speeds. This not only allows the phone’s OS to be more responsive but also makes apps, games, videos and other data to load up faster compared to the loading time of memory cards.



Lava Pixel V1As internal memory modules come preinstalled inside the phone, users don’t have physical access to it. This means that data stored in the internal storage of your phone can only be accessed through the phone. Data stored on the internal storage, therefore, provides much more security, compared to SD cards and is also less prone to corruption and data loss. Plus, a memory card can be easily stolen while internal memory modules are safely tucked inside your smartphone.


Ready for everything

Lava Pixel V1Due to the superior build quality and versatility of internal storage modules in smartphones, they can manage a wide variety of data formats. Most apps on the Google Play store cannot be installed on external memory. If you use a whole lot of apps then you’d definitely require a phone that has a humongous internal storage capacity and that is where Lava Pixel V1 steps in with its big 32 GB in-built memory.

The Lava Pixel V1 is currently the only phone in this price range that offers such big memory configurations, total storage space of 64 GB (32GB ROM + 32GB Expandable via microSD). This allows consumers to install unlimited apps and carry around with them unlimited songs, videos and other data in their pockets.

So get one for yourself, click here to know

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