Lava Leaps Further Towards ‘Make in India’

Lava "Make In India" Initiative - Lava Manufacturing Plant

With the vision to empower people to do more, to be more, Lava took an inspiring move exemplifying that ‘Make in India’ is not just a dream but something very achievable. We made sure that more opportunities were given to the (underprivileged) youth of the country; a chance to more than just live their dreams and become a part of a bigger system and in the process contribute towards advancing the country. Following the results of such efforts, our CHRO, Mr. Vivek Tripathi, wrote the following piece:

“Lava’s Handset Assembly plant completed 1 year on April 2, 2016. I have had the privilege of seeing the plant develop and stabilize during the last year. Today in terms of Productivity, Quality and Cost it is superior to similar plants in China that we relied on for getting our Indian Mobile handsets manufactured. And we have just started.

Lava Manufacturing Facility

I traveled with our Human Resources and Manufacturing teams to various parts of the country to hire Associates and Diploma Engineers for the shop floor. We have visited Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand. Our intent was to visit rural and relatively poorer areas for recruitment.  We visited ITI campuses (Associates) and Government Polytechnics (for Diploma Engineers). We were clear that hiring the ‘right’ people was crucial. We had a clear picture of whom we wanted to hire. We wanted needy, hardworking, disciplined youth who wanted to make a difference and better their lives. We formulated a robust hiring process to check these attributes and sent our best folks on 88 expeditions to get us the people we wanted. We are very happy with the people who have joined us and the progress the plant has made- but the experience also gave very good insights on what ‘Make in India‘ can do to transform our country.

We found that the school education and even the ITIs hardly equip rural youth for any meaningful occupation. Several parts of our country (e.g. Eastern UP) have actually been de-industrialized, with the Sugar industry becoming sick. No new industries have come up. With the size of land holdings coming down (2-3 bighas is what most candidates said- when asked about the size of their family land holding) – agriculture cannot support people anymore. The only option for rural youth is either to set up a small shop, or try to get into petty low-level government jobs (police, railways, Army, paramilitary forces). Very few had any hopes of actually making it! Many thought that the system was unfair. When at the end of the day after evaluating 80-100 candidates we used to give offer letters to 15-20 and tell them that they have been hired and have a job- some of the candidates could not believe it! I realized that low-level Electronic manufacturing (to start with) has the potential of offering employment and giving a clear purpose and a sense of worth to our youth. I hope many other companies set up shop in India. We are already preparing to undertake more expeditions for our second plant!

Considering the efforts that have been made at such a senior level, let’s hope that other companies follow suit and make full use of this campaign and lead the country towards a better future.”

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  1. Very good.Good job to travel to various parts of the country to hire Associates and Diploma Engineers for the shop floor.

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  1. Very good.Good job to travel to various parts of the country to hire Associates and Diploma Engineers for the shop floor.