Lava Iris X8 Smart Window Flip Cover: Opt for the Smarter Option!


Newly introduced Lava Iris X8 is designed to make life simple. With an array of features specifically designed for catering to the everyday needs of users, the device is also accompanied by smart window flip cover which saves you from the hassle of opening your device every time you need to see the time or use any other trivial function. Let’s have a closer look at the flip cover and its features and see what it can do, apart from protecting the device from scratches, dust and other environmental hazards, to enhance your convenience in an extremely busy and fast paced life.

Lava Iris X8- Smart Window Flip Cover

One simple tap on the screen allows you to access a variety of functions without unfolding the cover,

  • Get quick access: Displays Time when in standby mode, so that you don’t have to wake up your phone every time you need to check what hour it is
  • Music on the go: Access playlists and other features of your music library efficiently right through the cover
  • View Messages: The smart flip cover allows you to check text messages without the hassle of opening the phone
  • Get an answer: It also allows the user to check missed calls, answer calls and return calls without the need of opening the cover
  • When you need to put the phone on silent mode so that your loved ones don’t feel neglected due to its constant buzzing and beeping, you can do that with just a few gestures without even opening the cover
  • Easy click, easy view: The smart window flip cover allows you to quickly access the camera and click amazing pictures at a moment’s notice, so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of opening your phone and navigating all the way to the camera app. This also saves time so that you don’t miss the perfect shot


In order to use Iris X8 flip cover, a special 14MB software has to be downloaded and installed in the phone.

The steps are as follows:


o The phone needs to have an SD card and an internet connection

o Ensure that SD card has sufficient space available (15 MB approx)

o The phone must have atleast 30% charge

The upgrade process consists of the following steps

o Go to System settings->About phone->Software update>Check for updates>Ok

o Download the “” package and install the update

o After upgrade, the device will reboot on its own

Follow the screens below (left to right) to install the update successfully via FOTA:

X8 flip cover 1   X8 flip cover 2   X8 flip cover 3

X8 flip cover 4   X8 flip cover 5   X8 flip cover 6

X8 flip cover 7   X8 flip cover 8

The flip covers are available outside the box for the Lava Iris X8 . The price for the same is Rs.399/-

Follow the link to explore more,


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