Lava Iris X1 Atom Flip Cover: Add Style to Comfort!


With rapidly advancing technology, one can find new trends taking over the market almost every day. Some, like the flip phones of the 2000s, enjoy a moment of trendiness and then disappear. Others, like the currently trending flip covers , prove to be so useful that they become a permanent part of the way we work with gadgets.

To put it simply, your smartphone needs a flip cover. There are some trends which we follow just to keep up with the Joneses, but the flip cover trend is not one of those. It’s one of those inventions, where after getting it you are forced to wonder…how did I ever live my life without this?

Lava Iris X1 Atom Flip Cover


Body Guard


You remember that time you slipped in the rain and your phone flew out of your hand? Or the time you accidentally pulled the charger and your phone met the floor with a sickening crash? Or the thousands of time you just accidentally let it slip through your butter fingers? These little moments of panic are familiar to anyone with a stylish smartphone. Flip covers are like the angelic protectors of your phone. They cover the whole body so that even if you manage to drop it in the craziest way possible, the phone isn’t harmed. This kind of awesome protection is the biggest and best advantage of the flip cover.


Style Accessory


We often speak of phones in terms of stats, facts and figures, but at the end of the day, looks are important. The cool, sleek and shiny appearance of smartphones adds an instant dash of style to any ensemble.  Flip covers add that subtle aura of elegance that speaks volumes.

It’s one of those things that subtly and unconsciously influences the way people see you. Going for an interview, and need to look formal? Or perhaps, you have a big client meeting and want to communicate your competence to the client? Leather flip covers are the answer. It’s the kind of thing you can imagine a CEO dialing into when they’re making all-important decisions. And as they say, you should dress for where you want to be, not where you are!



A flip cover is convenient; there is no doubt about that. In a myriad little ways, it adds comfort to your daily routine.

We have all experienced that irritating moment when we balance the phone between the ear and the shoulder and a thousand keys accidentally get pressed. And you know that awkward moment when the phone rings but you don’t want the people around you to see who is calling? Flip covers just skip that part as you can pick up the call without even fully opening the cover. With touch screen phones, everything is about comfort and quickness, and the flip covers enhance that by a factor of 10.


Now give your Iris X1 Atom, the protection of the new Slim Fit Battery Casing. The phone comes with a 5 MP rear camera coupled with high-intensity LED flash, Kitkat 4.4 OS (with guaranteed upgrade to lollipop ), 4GB internal memory, smart swipe gestures and a host of other amazing features, at a fantastic affordable pricing.

For a precious investment like the Iris X1 Atom, you should definitely opt for a sturdy flip cover!

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