Lava Iris 500, Go Big within Your Budget


When most people think of a budget device, they immediately picture a tiny device with an equally small screen on which you can barely read the menu. While some people may not mind a small screen, there are those who want a large screen experience but cannot afford a large screen device. With the Lava Iris 500, now they can get a large screen device without the need to shell out a lot of money.

Lava Iris 500

The lava Iris 500 comes with a large 5 inch screen that makes it the king of the budget entertainment smart phones. The large screen is perfect for watching videos and movies as you don’t have to squint in order to see what is going on in the video. Another group of people who stand to benefit from the large screen are gamers. The large screen space gives them ample room for their thumbs and fingers without the hassle of their digits covering up the action on screen. The extra bit of real estate also helps to spread out the on screen keyboard which helps when you are typing out messages.

Aside from the large screen, the Iris 500 also comes pre installed with the Android 4.4 Kitkat, the latest version of Google’s operating system. Powering the phone is a 1.3 GHz dual core processor and 512 MB of RAM which delivers excellent performances as the new version of the OS is specifically designed to be more power efficient.

Lava hasn’t forgotten how important the imaging department is in a phone. The phone comes with a 5 mp camera with LED flash as well as a front facing VGA camera that should be good for video chatting and for selfies. The phone also comes with an 1800mAh battery which is pretty good for a phone of this size.

On the whole, the Lava Iris 500 is one of the best large screen devices one can buy in a budget. The features and specifications of the phone make it one of the best entertainment smart phones.

The handset is priced at Rs.5499 and is available on popular online portals for Rs.4929.

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