Lava Helium 12 Notebook: Ultra-Portable, Ultra Powerful

lava helium 12 notebook

Lava Helium 12 Notebook

The Lava Helium 12 notebook is a revolutionary product for both professionals and casual users. This suave little notebook computer packs the power of latest generation hardware and software, providing reliable performance whenever you need it, wherever you need it.

Sleek Yet Powerful

Measuring just 20mm at its thickest point, the Helium 12 is an ultra-portable notebook computer. The sleek form factor is enhanced by Lava’s symmetrical design which sets gentle contours to refine its ergonomics. The black keyboard and trackpad add character to the Helium 12’s already stunning looks. Powered by the latest generation Quad CoreProcessors from Intel, the Lava Helium 12 comes with the full version of Windows 10 operating system. 2GB of DDR3 RAM ensures smooth performance for your office and productivity apps, and the on-board Intel HD Graphics facilitate flicker free performance while playing HD videos and casual games.

Hot Swappable Storage

The Helium 12 comes with 32GB flash ROM, which reduces the boot time and provides ultra-fast app and game launches. You can use a memory card of up to 128GB capacity with the Lava Helium 12. Hot swappable storage saves users from the trouble of moving between personal and work computers. You can simply swap your work data for your personal data and vice versa.The Helium 12 also supports external HDDs for users who like to carry their video libraries with them.

Colour Rich HD Display

The Helium 12 has one of the best looking displays among the ULP Notebooks in the market. Colours pop out with good levels of saturation and a great contrast ratio. The display also has commendable visibility angles to give you and your friends an immersive entertainment experience.


The Lava helium 12 sports the latest WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 bands to keep you connected all day long. The notebook also has an HDMI port through which you can play your movies, videos and presentations on larger screens. Additionally, the Helium 12 has two USB ports, one is 2.0 and another is 3.0, for connecting your peripherals.

Long Lasting Battery

For uninterrupted productivity and entertainment, the Helium 12 packs a 10000 mAh battery. So, no more power sockets and wire tangles for you.
Moreover, the Helium 12 will come with a lifetime free Windows Defender antivirus and also features Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana, to easily manage and setup your daily tasks and reminders.Looking for a new notebook computer? Check out the Lava Helium 12 at our official page or in stores near you.


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