Dual Sim Dual Fun. Why Dual Sim Smartphones Better Choice

LAVA Dual Sim Smartphones

LAVA Dual Sim Smartphones


A dual SIM phone means that you have a personal phone connection and a business connection on the same device. The operating system of a dual SIM device allows users to quickly switch between the two numbers. When you’re making a call, you can decide from which number to make the call and the user is reachable via both numbers simultaneously.

Dual-SIM phones offer a simple, practical function for heavy users of the latest smartphones and 4g mobile by giving the provision of two SIM cards in one phone. And it’s not just for smartphones. Dual-SIM phones are also available in classic mobile phones. Many manufacturers offer cheap phones without special features in dual SIM variants. Most dual SIM devices run on the Android operating system.

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Some Reasons for Using Dual SIM Phone:

  • Flexibility of two plans, logistics of one:

You want to have a work number and a personal number but you don’t want to carry around two devices. Dual-SIM phones let you balance your professional as well as a personal number through one phone only, thus avoiding those struggles in keeping track of two phones.

  • Less stress when using your android cell phones worldwide:

Do you want to keep using an Indian phone number while taking your phone overseas? You can! If you have an additional port, just go and get any regional pre-paid SIM cards.

  • You want a second SIM for making international calls:

second SIM for making international calls at a cheaper rate than what you pay for similar calls on your main plan. Dual SIM slot lets you access two SIMs from the same phone.

  • Widen your network:

If you get patchy coverage in some places, from one of your two SIM cards following two different networks and don’t want to switch providers, you just need a dual SIM phone to experience the benefit of coverage from two different networks.

Some models offer the option of deciding from which number to send each text message These phones can also suit people who regularly travel between two countries or who have family or close friends in another country. In these situations, having two SIMs should help to keep costs down. Dual SIM smartphones are a huge success in reducing the complexities of handling two phones and have given more possibilities to deal with network costs and issues.

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