Lava Celebrates the World Cup in Style with Futsal Tournament


With football fever at an all time high, we at Lava decided that it was the perfect time to host our very own Futsal tournament. Different departments, including teams from our sister company, XOLO, will compete against each other to become the undisputed champions of football and earn bragging rights till the next tournament.
For those of you who are a little confused, Futsal is more or less the same as football with the only differences being that it is played with lesser players per team and the field is generally smaller.

lava football tournament

The rules of the tournament were pretty straight forward:
• Only employees that are based at NHQ(National Headquarter) could participate and guests or out station employees are not allowed.
• Each team is to have 6 players with 1 substitute
• The match will be 25 minutes long with 10 minute halves and a 5 minute break
• Teams that win will be awarded 2 points
• If the match is abandoned, then the points are shared
• Nominated referees are not allowed to participate in the tournament

22 teams have given their nominations. They are as follows:
• Finance 1
• Finance 2
• Finance 3

• Testing

• XOLO Product
• IT

• Marcom 1
• Marcom 2

• Modern Trade

• Tablet & IT Products
• Product
• HR Admin

• CSD RF 2
• CSD RF 3
• CSD RF 1

• SCM1
• SCM2

• CSD 1
• CSD 2

The tournament is already underway and the results will be posted shortly. So stay tuned to find out which team gets to be crowned football champions!

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