Lava at the Gartner Symposium

Lava Mobiles is pleased to be a Silver Sponsor with Gartner for their Symposium that was held in the beautiful city of Goa, located along the western coast of India. The prestigious event has already been successfully held in The UAE, South Africa and The USA and we were honored to welcome the Garter Symposium to India.

The Gartner Symposium aims to help business’s bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. In this day and age where mobile phones are being used for everything, the onus is on major corporations to move away from traditional business practices that focus on the physical nature of business and move more into the digital world.

India is not only at the forefront, but is also one of the fastest growing markets in the telecom sector with almost a million new subscribers added each month. When talking about mobile phones in India, we have to mention Lava mobiles, one of the largest indigenous mobile phone manufacturers in the country and one of the main players in increasing the number of mobiles in India. Lava understands that bridging the digital divide in a developing country like India is equally important, if not more so than developed countries.

There are parts of the country where just having a cell phone is considered a luxury; there is a vast untapped market that is ripe for businesses. Lava aims to connect that section of the populace, especially those in the rural areas by offering a mobile phone that they will be able to afford. As such, Lava mobile phones are generally targeted towards the budget end of the spectrum with many different phones priced close to one another. This is to help consumers pick a phone that meets their exact requirements, so if they are looking for a simple dual SIM mobile or a phone that gives them the best features for a low price, they can buy it. If they are unsure, they can always do a quick mobile phone comparison and find a phone that is a perfect fit for their lifestyle.

By participating at the Garner Symposium, we aim to show the world that we are aiming to focus our efforts on the enterprise space for the coming year. Not just that, but we are also going to create a dedicated sales and service team for our enterprise customers. Furthermore, we are also planning to launch Windows and Android tablets for the enterprise segment and focusing our efforts for sectors such as education, healthcare, retail and so forth.

Lava Tablet Lava Tablet

Our Co-Founder and Director, Mr. S.N Rai talked about Lava’s association with the Gartner Symposium saying, “We are extremely delighted to partner and participate at the Gartner Symposium 2014. During this 4 day symposium, we are showcasing our enterprise tablets and solutions. We are focusing on enterprise segment in a big way and our participation at the conference is a step in the right direction.”

As always, we at Lava Mobiles are always on the lookout for new technology that can be integrated into new lava mobiles so that everyone can experience the best without having to pay a premium as well as ways companies and business can appeal to those people for whom the digital arena is a vast and imposing place. We hope that whenever people are thinking about buying a new mobile, Lava is a name that first pops into their head.

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