Latest Smartphones Are More Like Mobile Computers


Latest Smartphones Are More Like Mobile Computers

A decade ago, smartphones used to signify phones which let you send mail, listen to music and do some basic browsing, besides letting you make calls and send messages. Since that time, we have seen a drastic shift in the technology, the latest smartphones today are like mini computers. You can use them to do almost everything that you can achieve with a laptop or PC.

How the Latest Smartphones have Transformed in to Mobile Computers

Expanded Productivity Functions

As mentioned earlier, the smartphones of the bygone era let us perform a limited number of productivity functions such as send and receive email messages in a very basic format.
However the Latest Smartphones come with full email support, letting you view messages with attachments and images. You can also send messages with attachments and even link larger documents through services like Google Drive and OneDrive.
Furthermore, Latest Smartphones also let you create and edit documents such as word, excel, powerpoint, and PDFs on the device itself. You can print these documents remotely, send them over Bluetooth or WiFi, and of course share them in emails. All these are the functions that once required a computer.

Personal Entertainment Hubs

There is a huge market for personal entertainment devices in India and abroad. Previously, PCs used to occupy the space marked for a versatile entertainment device for playing movies, music and games. They were gradually replaced by notebook computers more popularly known as laptops. The Latest Smartphones have replaced both PCs and Laptops as personal entertainment devices.
Latest Smartphones have enabled easy access to quality video and music content through apps like YouTube, Google Play Music,etc. Thus, the latest smartphones are not only offering better entertainment services but are also helping artists and media housed fight the menace of online piracy.
Another area where the latest smartphones are overtaking traditional computers is digital gaming. Latest smartphones come with more powerful GPUs and large, vibrant displays to provide a gaming experience on par with many PC games.

Surpassing Computers

What’s more? Latest 4G Mobile Phones have one-upped the PCs and laptops by providing in-built internet and calling facilities. Furthermore, the spread of instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, etc. means that the latest smartphones in the market are way ahead of computers in terms of connectivity and versatility.
Thus, we can definitely term the modern smartphones as mobile computers. To know more about latest smartphone features and functions, visit the Lava Mobile products page by clicking here.

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