Latest Price List, October 2014: KKT Series




Staying connected is the need of the hour and the KKT Series from Lava does just that. It features long lasting batteries and louder sound so you can stay connected with your dear ones wherever you go.

Lava KKT Series phones are available in the price range of Rs.1200 to Rs.1999 and the latest KKT series phone is Lava KKT 27+.

KKT Series With Price:

KKT Prime 1200 NA
KKT 04 1250 NA
KKT 05 1250 NA
KKT 07 1250 NA
KKT 06 1300 NA
KKT 22s 1700 NA
KKT 24S 1700 NA
KKT Uno 1800 1329
KKT 21i 1700 NA
KKT 20i 1600 NA
KKT 29+ 1750 NA
KKT Hero 1800 NA
KKT 42 1850 1449
KKT 27S 1800 1499
KKT 34Star 1850 1499
KKT 28S 1950 NA
KKT 27+ 1800 NA
KKT 40Mini 1900 1659
KKT 34i 1999 1699

Follow the link to know more about the KKT series:

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