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The Lava Iris Series of phones have set the benchmark when it comes to well-featured  smartphones   that are available at a  budget friendly price. Lava Mobiles has always strived to offer the latest smartphone at the lowest prices.  Along with the software, the hardware of the phones has also been at the top of the game with quad-core processors dominating most of our phones. If that wasn’t enough, the battery capacity of many of our current generation smartphones has also been increased in order to offer phones that will last for a longer time. The brand new Lava Iris Fuel series comes to mind when talking about this.

As always, the best thing about the LAVA Iris series of phones is that a vast majority of our phones are very affordably priced making them accessible to a majority of people.

Smartphones with Price:

Lava Z70 8000
Lava Z90 10750
Lava Z80 9000
Lava Z60 5500
Lava A97 2GB+ 6600
Lava A44 4200
Lava A77 4800
Lava Z25 14990
Lava Z10 8990
Lava A73 5149
Lava X28+ 7199
Lava A76+ 5899
Lava A97 5200
Lava A76 5699
Lava A52 2800
Iris 414 4049
Iris 325 style 3299
Iris win 1 4999
Iris selfie 50 7999
Iris 500 5499
Iris 470 4699
Iris 460 7199
Iris 350 3499
Iris 401 3649
Iris 349 3499
Iris 300 style 3799
Iris 310 style 3749
Iris 352 Flair 3999
Iris 360 Music 4799
Iris 444 3349
Iris 250 5249
Iris 504 Q+ 14000

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