Is Your Smartphone Running Out of Space? Follow These Tips to Make Some Space

manage your smartphone's space

manage your smartphone's space


Earlier phones used to come with 4 GB of memory and an extended memory card option to store all your necessary apps. These days phones typically come with at least 32GB or 64GB of storage as standard or perhaps 16GB if you’ve bought a budget model. But even that is easy enough to fill up when you get a bit too carried away with installing apps and taking photos and videos.


There are times when you get the “insufficient storage available” message when you try to download an app or app update. To avoid such situations, try to manage your storage smartly for more efficiency. Here are

Best Ways to Manage Your Smartphone’s Space:

  1. Keep Videos and Photos off Internal memory:

This is possibly the one item on this list that will have more impact than any other. Photos and videos take up a huge amount of space and the more storage you have, less likely you are to go through the bad or unwanted shots and clear them right away. If your device has space for a microSD card, add one and automate the saving of such media to microSD. If your device does not support microSD there’s Google Photos. In fact, this free app is the best way to manage all your precious memories and the best part is you can access it easily anytime, anywhere from any device with your Google account.


  1. Delete WhatsApp media:

Turn off the auto feature of WhatsApp to stop it from automatically downloading pictures and video to your phone. It even stores any media you send and these files are generally not in Gallery. Follow these steps on your smartphone: Open your file browser app and navigate to Internal storage > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images > Sent. You can also check out the other folders within Media, such as WhatsApp Video. You may be surprised what you find here, so delete what you don’t need, including any duplicates already backed up in Google Photos.

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  1. Delete unwanted games and apps:

Sometimes people think they’ve deleted all the junk they’ve installed through Google Play, and really all they’ve done is scanned their home screen for unused apps and deleted those they find there. Worse still, sometimes they’ve only deleted the shortcut icon, and the app is still lurking in the app drawer. Not all Android phones allow you to uninstall apps from the home screen. The best way to uninstall an app is from Google Play itself.


  1. Move data to Google Drive:

Since you’re using a phone that runs a Google-owned operating system, make use of Google’s other cloud-storage tools, too. Though your document files will take up significantly less space, all these can be moved to Google Drive. As with Photos, this will create a useful backup and make those files accessible from any online device.

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