Is 4G Really Worth It?

Is 4G really worth it


Is 4G really worth it

Network carriers have been using some truly unique and persuasive ways to showcase the superiority of 4G. But can we really scale that mountain or impress that crush with a 4G connection? Let’s take a look at the promises made by 4G networks, and choose wisely!

So, let’s get to the burning question – How fast is it?

In theory, a 4G connection will be up to 10x faster than the 3G connection. But what does that even mean?

Content will load faster –

Everything we do on the internet can benefit from added speeds. Booking a hotel? The listings will load faster. Streaming movies? No more buffering (3G is usually good enough for music streaming, but movies are another matter). Viewing a friend’s album on Facebook? See the photos load faster. If you think you don’t need 4G, just try to notice every time you’re waiting for a blank page to load!

Faster navigation –

If you do make it to the mountaintop, or manage a long drive with your sweetheart, what is that one thing you’ll need the most? Navigation! A 4G connection saves the day with improved navigation support. No more waiting for GPS signals to zero in on your location. Happy days!

Increased Productivity –

4G helps professionals keep in sync with their emails and cloud data, much better than they can on their 3G connections. But oh well, the carriers’ advertising mostly ignore this aspect, and who can blame them? We don’t always want to be so connected with our bosses, now do we? 😉

But like everything amazing, even 4G has its downside.

A wise man once said, “Technology is a great servant, but a bad master”. Faster internet means you consume more data. So, if you forget to keep an eye on your monthly data usage, you may need to cash in your fixed deposits to pay the bills!

Therefore, browse responsibly. So, do you think 4G has a strong case going in its favor? If you do, here are a few things you need to consider when buying a 4G smartphone.






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