Innovations in Smartphone technology



In the current day and age, smart phones are, without a doubt, the most innovative piece of technology that we have. So much so, it’s not surprising to buy a brand new phone and see it replaced by a new model within a few months. Smart phones are constantly featuring new and exciting innovations in order to attract customers. Processors seem to have reached their peak with quad core devices and smart phone OS feature more or less the same features in one way or the other. Here are just a few of the innovations that are set to become big.

innovations in smartphone technology

Touch ID

With smart phones such an integral part of our lives, smart phone security has become integral. While there have been passwords and patterns locks before, they have become passé. Touch Ids are now in. After all, there is no chance of you ever forgetting your fingerprint is there?


Smart phone cameras have come a long way since the VGA cameras that came out a couple of years back. Now smart phones feature multi-megapixel monsters with plenty of tools that will make professional photographers smile with joy while keeping things simple enough for your average guy. They are all set to replace dedicated point and shoot cameras.

Wearable Tech

Wearable tech, especially smart watches have become really popular. Smart watches are all set to become do to normal watches what smart phones did to normal phones, i.e, make them obsolete. Smart watches enable you to pick up calls, change music, interact with apps and a lot more aside from seeing the time.

Personal Assistants

Almost every major OS is either sporting a personal assistant or is about to release one. Personal assistants are the closest we have ever come to artificial intelligence yet and it shows. You can interact with your personal assistant and ask them questions and they would supply you with answers and open and change your phone’s settings for you. It truly is a revolutionary piece of technology and one that will definitely change the way we interact with our gadgets, not just smart phones.



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