How to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

In todays world where a lot of importance is placed on security, when it comes to a Smartphone it is no different. It is probably the only place where most of our life is stored and so it is obvious that we do our bit in keeping it secure.

Here are some ways to keep your Lava Smartphones secure.

Lava smartphone pattern lock

Make sure youre using a lock

One of the most basic ways to keep your phone safe is by keeping it locked. You can either use the pattern lock or the password code security system. Some of the phones even have face recognition software that ensures only you can unlock your phone. In case your phone doesnt have the security option, you can always download them. Some of the top locking apps are Go Locker, Lock Screen, DIY Locker, etc.


Make sure that you have an anti-virus installed

If you are one of those who are into frequent downloading of different apps, you must be well aware of all the threats that you face with each new download. Downloading antivirus apps for your smartphone will make sure that you dont have to worry about its safety even for a single day. 360 Mobile Security, AVAST Mobile Security, AVG AntiVirus Security are some of the best-known anti-virus apps.


Dont Jailbreak!

No matter how tempted you are, dont jailbreak your phone! It makes it more susceptible to damage. Also, your software and hardware will lose its warranty if you jailbreak it, so its always better not to do so.


Make sure your software is updated

Frequent updates help protect your phone from software problems or bugs. This is because the updated versions of the operating system usually have better security and encryptions that ensure that you can keep your smartphone secure.


Dont use an app from an untrustworthy source

Sometimes while visiting a website or downloading something, websites will ask you to download apps to make your content visible. This is a sham. Dont fall for it as it may contain viruses.


Dont save passwords

If you are using your smartphone for banking or shopping, log out of those sites once your transactions are complete. Also, avoid storing your usernames and passwords on your phone and do not enter into transactions while you are using public Wi-Fi.


Dont use public WiFi

Like public toilets, public WiFis are also littered with viruses. Always use a secure network to download when using it through a phone especially when you dont have any anti-virus installed.

Like the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine; by being a little cautious you can save your phone in the long run. Keeping the phone safe doesnt include physical safety; it also includes preventing it from being misused as well as keeping the software protected..



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