How to Connect Your Smartphone to Your TV


Apart from using a smartphone to make calls, we use them for playing games, watching videos and movies. However, there are certain cases where things look better when they are shared or seen on a bigger screen, like the pictures from the latest vacation that you took with your friends. When it comes to bigger screen, the most easily available option is the TV.

Connect smartphone and TV

The Cast screen feature and Miracast enable you to connect your smartphone to a television screen. Miracast is a wireless standard that creates an ad-hoc network between two devices. However, the devices, your smartphone and the device you want to display to need to support Miracast.

Some of our latest Android smartphones having the cast screen feature are,

Iris Alfa L : At just Rs.8000, it comes with Lollipop that makes for better battery life and better performance. The 13.97 cm (5.5) screen provides qHD experience.

Iris X8 : Backed by Octa core processor along with 2GB RAM, it ensures easy multi-tasking. The 8MP rear camera and the 3MP front camera take very sharp photos. Asahi glass protects the phone from any scratches. The phone promises guaranteed upgrade to Lollipop.

Iris fuel 60 : This phone packs a punch with its 4000mAh battery that doesn’t give up. Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, makes sure that your phone is shatterproof. The 10MP rear camera takes sharp pictures with its LED flash.

Iris fuel 50 : Powered by 3000mAh battery, this phone is ready for the long haul. The unique gesture control feature launches application quickly. The 8MP rear camera and the 2MP front camera make sure that you have beautiful memories to cherish. Android Lollipop with 1GB RAM and quad-core processor promise lag free toggling.


Following are the steps to connect your smartphone to the TV:

1. Plug the receiver dongle into your TV

2. Power on your display and switch the input to the Miracast adapter. Some adapters will require you to press a power button located on the physical dongle.

3. TV will then display a splash screen asking you to connect a device. Now, it’s time to head over to your smartphone and connect it to your adapter.

4. In your smartphone, Open the settings menu>Display setting> Cast Screen >Enable wireless display

5. It will scan the nearby Miracast devices. Select your receiver from the list of available devices by tapping on the option. Now, your TV will start mirroring the content of your smartphone. To make sure that the mirroring doesn’t drain your phone’s battery, disconnect when you’re done.

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