How to Backup Your Android Powered Lava Smartphone


Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. It is not just because of all the memories that are stored in them in the form of pictures and videos but also for all the critical information that they hold.

Though most of us usually don’t think about backing up our phones, there are certain situations which force us to do so. Backing up all the information in the phone is always a good idea especially in case of accidents, up gradation of the software in the phone, changing phones or in the event of stolen phone. In such situations even if the phone gets damaged, there is still some respite in the fact that all the information is in a safe place.

Almost every android smartphone comes with the backup and restore app and Lava is no different. It backups all the information in the SD card in few simple steps while showing the storage space. It provides auto backup on installed apps and market links for the protected apps. After the phone has been updated it restores the apps from the SD card. Since it’s a pre-installed application it performs multi-version backups for the benefit of the user. It also allows for quick uninstalling of apps.

Following are the steps to successfully backup all the information in the phone-



  • Your phone must have an SD Card


  • Go to Backup and Restore
  • Select the data for which you need a backup
  • Select the apps and select the option of backup to SD card
  • Once selected, rest until your complete data backup has been done
  • Simply factory reset your phone without any fear of data loss
  • Go to restore and select the backup file


Note: Please do not select the option of Erasing SD card while doing a factory reset.


Follow the screens below to successfully backup and restore your data-

1  2  3

4  5  6



Follow the link to know more about Lava

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