Start Selling Online with WhatsApp Business on your 4G smartphone

WhatsApp Business

Start selling online with WhatsApp Business on your 4G smartphone

The now Facebook-owned company and popular messaging app, WhatsApp has recently launched its business app in India. The app was first launched in US, UK, Indonesia, and Mexico before making its debut in the Indian smartphone market. It makes sense that WhatsApp chose to launch its business app in India given the size and potential of the Indian smartphone market.

WhatsApp for Business is as intuitive and user-friendly as the normal WhatsApp messenger and adds several new features to its interface.

Top Features of WhatsApp Business

  • Verified Business Profiles that let you send messages with your business name and address.
  • Quick replies to manage multiple customer chats at once.
  • Greeting messages and Away messages to keep in touch with your customers.
  • Message statistics to let you know your level of interaction and online business interactions.

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How to setup the WhatsApp Business App for your Company

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store on your 4G Android smartphone. If you are using an older phone, consider buying a new 4G smartphone to get the latest OS and security updates. It will help in keeping your business information safe.
  • You can either convert your regular account into WhatsApp business account or register a new number for your business.
  • Name your business account as per the name of your enterprise.
  • Go to the profile settings menu and update other information for your company, such as address, map location, email address, website name, and business hours.
  • You are all set.

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Download WhatsApp business in your smartphone –

Start interacting with your customers online and grow your clientele with WhatsApp business. Buying a latest 4G smartphone will help you multitask seamlessly while using WhatsApp, email and other business apps. To know more about latest Android smartphones, visit the Lava Mobiles smartphones

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