How Mobile Learning is Changing Modern Education

Benefits of M-Learning

Benefits of M-Learning

One of the sectors which is benefitting the most from the advent of mobile phone technology is education. M-learning has transformed the way teachers and students interact with each other, and many schools in the country are adopting m-learning as an effective tool for imparting knowledge.There are a variety of educational benefits schools of the Generation Z have been deriving from m-learning tools available today.

Customized content delivery

One of the benefits of m-learning is the ability to deliver customized content for individual students. This allows teachers to provide individual specific content to students – which is especially beneficial in classrooms where students from diverse backgrounds are studying.

M-learning includes textual, visual and auditory mediums of learning, thereby making it easier for students to understand and implement academic concepts.

Quick assessment and reviews

Assessment tools can be embedded inside the m-learning solutions easily, thus providing real-time assessment for students. Also, teachers can access the common m-learning platforms from anywhere to provide assistance to students. This can give students a fast and clear-cut path to follow for achieving their educational goals.

This way over achievers can move on to in-depth research and students who might be falling behind can get the needed guidance for a course correction.

Driving students towards innovative learning techniques

M-learning enabled classrooms are increasingly using innovative educational techniques such as blog writing, social media research and analytics based marketing to give students a taste of real world usage of what they learn in classrooms.

Such techniques help in exposing students to operational aspects of educational concepts and theories, acting as an in-school internship (something most freshers have to join after they leave formal education).

Access to education for all

In countries where there is social segregation (women, underprivileged classes, etc.), m-learning can give more people access to education and vocational training. There are many online courses which are available for free and are supported by philanthropists and educational donations for this purpose.

Facilitating m-learning through Android smartphones and tablet devices

Google’s mobile OS – Android – is powering more phones than any other mobile operating systems today. Most m-learning portals and online libraries have dedicated apps for Android on the Google Play Store.

Educational institutions are already deploying Android powered smartphones and tablets for imparting education to their pupils. And Google is also developing academic content and optimized software to facilitate e-learning and m-learning.

Lava mobiles and tablets

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