How are the latest 4G Smartphones different from 3G Phones?

How are the latest 4G Smartphones different from 3G Phones - Featured image

How are the latest 4G Smartphones different from 3G Phones

In the mobile telecom industry, we often hear about the terms 3G and 4G even 5G. But we get confused exactly what are they and how they are different from each other? The major difference between 3G and 4G is the data speed. G is stands for Generation, like 3G and 4G network smartphones which represent the generations of mobile technology. A 4G connection is ten times faster than a 3G connection. We know that wireless communication has made a huge leap and acceleration in technology area over the years and the whole world has become depend on smartphones, without which the entire social balance could collapse. There were days which has gone when GSM cellular was the only option in phones but now the world has moved on to wireless networking telecommunication. And LAVA mobile company offers mobile users with the variety of latest smartphones with a built-in 4G connection. Below are the key differentials between 4G phones and 3G phones.

3G Phones

In 3G phones, you can get the internet speed from 144Kbps to 2Mbps, the maximum speed. People who need a phone only for texting and voice messages and not with downloading videos and media on their smartphones should go for the 3G phones. Mobile users with 3G network often struggle to use the internet services ‘on the go’ and it takes them a bit of time to open certain web pages.

When you should go for 4G smartphones

With accelerated changes in technology happening, users keep looking for upgraded technology and 4G phones which offer faster connection and internet speed to users with 3G connections. As not all 4G connections are equal like some are wider and faster deployed than others, they come in different version & variety. In a 4G network, one can get extra network capacity, better voice quality and faster connections. But before obtaining a 4G smartphone, you need to check the area where you live or work and hope for a better network spread which will support 4G connections. If you use your phone for downloading videos, music, watching/downloading movies online and other related things, then you must go for latest 4G smartphones. You can also connect your 4G mobiles phones to your laptop or PC and can easily share a large amount of data from anywhere, as 4G has fast internet downloading & uploading speed and consumption.

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Thereby, the final verdict is to go for a 4G phone to prepare you for the future, as 4G smartphones also support 2G and 3G carriers. 4G smartphones are always much better than 3G phones and it allow users to do multitasking like web browsing and checking e mails. You can get the latest smartphones with 4G connections in LAVA mobile, visit on their website and get one for yourself.

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