Use your 4G smartphone to carry documents like Aadhar Card, PAN Card and even Mark Sheets

Adhar Card and Pan card on your smartphones


How to Carry your Adhar Card and Pan Card on your Smartphones


Are you constantly at loss when it comes to managing all your government issued documents and identifications. We understand that it can get a bit hectic with so many documents, like Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID, PAN Card and Secondary and Senior Secondary School Mark Sheets, to manage. But here is the good news, you can now keep a digital copy of all your government issued IDs in your smartphone and they are valid for all intent and purposes.

The government has announced this policy as a part of the Digital India initiative. The DigiLocker app by Ministry of Electronics and Information technology syncs all your government documents from relevant government portals automatically.

How the DigiLocker App works

You have to select the document provider agency, such as your state’s driving license issuing authority or your state’s education board and provide the relevant details. The app will then download a digitally signed copy of your data and store it in your mobile phone.

Additionally, you can click pictures of the documents which are not available for online syncing. The documents are uploaded into a secure cloud server for online and offline access anytime.

How buying a 4G smartphone helps you in managing your digital documents

DigiLocker stores your documents in the cloud and the app requires online verification of your login information for security reasons. Having a 4G smartphone will speed things up for you when you are in a fix and need to access your documents fast.

Having a phone with large display is another plus when accessing documents online. You don’t have to squint and scroll as much and the process becomes much more natural if you have a smartphone with 5 inch or bigger screen.

Lava Z Series offers a great combination of hardware and software, ensuring security and ease of use. With screen sizes up to 5.7 inch, quad core processors and latest 4G LTE chips inside them, Lava phones offer blistering internet speeds and a smooth multitasking experience. What’s more? Lava has priced its smartphones rather competitively to reach Indian smartphone buyers in every segment. So, you can buy a Lava 4G smartphone without having to worry about budget constraints.

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