Here’s How LAVA Mobiles is Taking ‘Make in India’ to Next Level

LAVA Mobiles Make in India

LAVA Mobiles Make in India


There has been a dramatic increase in handset competition along with India’s remarkable adoption of smartphones. The growing demand for smartphones has made Indian market a target for top international mobile brands. Being second largest in population, the growth for mobile companies is definitely on a rise here. However, Indian smartphone companies have raised the bar for quality and features offered in Android Smartphones under the Make in India initiative.

It’s not only for mobile companies, but smartphones designed in India are also equally beneficial for customers as well. Some Indian companies like Lava Mobiles have been successful in gaining customers’ faith keeping in mind the needs and desires of Indians. Lava is one of the leading Indian smartphones and tablets manufacturers which is giving tough competition to other international brands too. Be it the design, value-for-money, technology, and efficiency, Indian brands are excelling in all desirable fields.

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‘Make in India‘ is an initiative by the government to promote Indian made goods, which can ultimately promote employment. Lava has been successful in setting up its plant in India and giving opportunities to the underprivileged youth of the country, to do more and become a part of a bigger system and in the process to contribute towards advancing the country. In terms of Productivity, Quality, and Cost – products made in India are superior and similar, as compared with plants in China that they relied on for getting Indian Mobile handsets manufactured.

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Lava is determined to give its customers the best of experience in Indian made smartphones by providing:


1) Localized software & hardware: Lava phones are equipped with software which is no less than any international brand. They are designed and built keeping in mind the diverse Indian needs. The provision of local language support in Android Smartphones ensures that anyone can use a 4G smartphone and be a part of the Digital India Mission.

2) Value for money: Lava phones offer the best value for your money. They provide all the major features such as camera, web browsing and apps at a very nominal price so that every individual can experience a smartphone in this smart age! Also, understanding the apprehensions of first-time smartphone buyers, Lava is offering unique add-on benefits with their new devices. For instance, all new Lava Mobiles come with 2-years standard warranty on the hardware, which is being offered by no other competitor at the moment.

3) Peace of Mind: When you buy a Made in India product, you are also buying peace of mind that comes with a great product or service. Having service centers in almost every city, Lava ensures that you rely on them to take care of those rare maintenance and repair tasks, without trying to reach out to manufacturers in some other country.


Considering the efforts that have been made by Lava, let’s hope that other companies follow suit and make full use of this campaign and lead the country towards a better future.


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