Gesture Controls: The Next Step


Picture this, your little baby has just stood up for the very first time and you need to capture this moment. You fish around your pockets for your phone, unlock the screen, go to the menu, tap on the camera app, wait for a second or two and the moment has already passed. You dejectedly put the phone back into your pocket wishing that there was a much faster way that just bypassed everything when you needed it to.

Well, thanks to Gesture Controls like the one found in the new Lava Iris Fuel 50, you can do just that and much more. With gesture controls, all you need to do is draw out certain gestures on the phone and the corresponding feature of the phone will open.

The best part about this feature is that it works even when the screen is locked so that you can quickly access important features of your phone. If we take the example used above, one just needs to take out the phone and draw out the letter ‘C’ on your screen and you are immediately taken to the camera.

Lava Iris fuel 50

The thing with smart phones is that people like to put apps and games in them, and while that is awesome, the drawback is that the menu tends to get cluttered. With Gesture Controls, you can skip apps and games that you don’t use that often and go directly to the ones that you use every day.

There definitely will be some people who will say that Gesture Controls aren’t the future, rather it will be voice recognition software that will rule the smart phone roost. However, right now, they are very much in the beta phase and then you add to that the trouble they have with the Indian accent, you have a piece of tech that is quite weak at the moment. Gesture controls are simpler to understand, more universal than speech and in some ways, open apps much quicker.

That is why Gesture Controls are here to stay. They are much simpler and faster.

Try out the Gesture Control feature on the new Lava Iris fuel50,

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