First Round Results of the Lava Futsal Tournament


As expected, the 1st round of the Lava Futsal Tournament was an exciting affair that saw plenty of action. The matches were spread over 4 days with three matches being held each day. These are the results.

futsal 3

16th June
Match 1: CSD RF1 v/s CSD 1
Result: CSD RF1 won 2-0
The first game proved to be a great way to kick off the tournament. The game saw CSD RF1 pick up a comfortable victory thanks to goals by Ashish and Ashwin.
Match 2: SCM 1 v/s Product
Result: Product won as SCM team was absent
A disappointing and anti-climactic second game that saw Product advance to the second round as the SCM 1 team failed to show up.
Match 2: Modern Trade v/s Finance
Result: Finance 1 wins 2-1 in a penalty shootout as both teams drew level 2-2 by the end of regulation time
A thrilling encounter that saw Modern Trade and Finance 1 locked in 2-2 by the end of regulation time. Sagar and Gaurav got a goal each for Modern Trade while Shailesh scored for Finance 1. In the penalty shootout, both Sagar and Shailesh continued their form and scored for the spot for their respective teams while Kamal Kant’s penalty for Finance 1 proved to be the deciding factor.

17th June
Match 1: Finance 3 v/s Marcom 1
Result: Marcom 1 wins 2-0
Marcom 1 managed to grab a comfortable victory against Finance. Sameer Srivastava scored both the goals.
Match 2: Hr Admin v/s Testing
Result: Testing wins 1-0 in sudden death as both teams drew 1-1 and 0-0 in limited time and penalty shootout respectively
The second game of the day saw a game where everyone was at the edge of their seats. At the end of regulation time, both teams were locked at 1-1 thanks to goals by Michael and Yashwant for HR Admin and Testing respectively. The penalties saw the game drawing again at 0-0 with Nandan making the deciding shot from the penalty spot during sudden death.
Match 3: SCM 2 v/s CSD 3
Result: SCM 2 wins 3-0 in penalty as both teams drew 1-1 at the end of regulation time
The third game of the day was another good game that saw Manoj and Bharat scoring a goal for SCM 2 and CSD 3 respectively as the teams drew level at 1-1 at the end of regulation time. SCM 2 showed calm and composure from the penalty spot as Manoj, Ashim and Pawan scored to give their team a 3-0 victory.

18th June
Match 1: IT 1 v/s Tablets
Result: Tablets team won 5-0
The first game of day 3 saw a dominating display by the Tablets team as they romped to a commanding 5-0 victory over IT 1. Dhananjay proved to be too much for the IT 1 defense to handle as he scored 4 goals in the match while Ravindra K grabbed a share of the spoils with a goal.
Match 2: XOLO Product v/s IT 2
Result: XOLO Product won 3-0
Game 2 of day 3 saw another dominating display as XOLO Product won 3 goals to nil against IT 2. Pramjeet, Ashish and Rohant got a goal each as they helped their team to a comfortable victory.
Match 3: XOLO v/s CSD RF3
Result: Xolo won 2-1 in penalty as both teams drew 1-1 at the end of regulation time
The final game of the day was equally exciting as both teams were level 1-1 by the end of limited time with Ajit Rath and Sudhir scoring for XOLO and CSD RF3 respectively. Mahendra and Sudhir both scored from the penalty spot for XOLO and CSD RF3 respectively with XOLO’s Ajit Rath proving to be the difference maker as he scored the decisive goal from the penalty spot.
One last day of games for round 1 is still to go, stay tuned for further updates.

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