Everything You Need to Know about Lava’s First Android One Smartphone

Android One

Our first smartphone from the Pixel series, Pixel V1 is an Android One device. The Android One is a family of fast and responsive smartphones running the latest version of Android.

Lava Pixel V1 and Android One bring together unique solutions around software, hardware and connectivity.



Quality certified by Google

It ensures an incredible user experience with its display quality and touch screen functionality. Certified by Google, the display exhibits an unmatchable color accuracy and brightness up to 300% better than the other smartphones in the market. With its capacity to detect up to 100 touches per second, Lava Pixel V1 is all set to win the hearts of gadget lovers out there.

Stay up to date with the Latest Version of Android

Pixel V1 runs on the newest version of Android, Android Lollipop, which is twice as efficient as the previous ones. What makes it superior to the other smartphones is its ability to quickly respond to the user’s commands without any lags and interruptions. Being an Android One device, the Pixel V1 will automatically get updated to the next version of Android as soon as it is released.

Go the extra mile with your Favorite Apps

Pixel V1 offers many special features through Google apps, that help to reduce the amount of data used for online functionalities. With Android One , you also get access to the world’s largest app store: Google Play and can dive into the deeply engaging world of Android apps having more than 1.3 million apps.



With so many additional features of the Android One platform, Pixel V1 offers you access to tremendous amounts of data and information, allowing you to pursue new opportunities and explore new avenues while also transforming your internet presence for the better and simply changing the way you live.

Explore the Pixel V1 further, bit.ly/1U1T4NP

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