Enjoy Smoother Experience with Android Lollipop on Iris X1 Grand & Iris Fuel 50


Lava Iris X1 Grand and Iris Fuel 50 recently received Android’s Lollipop upgrade. The upgrade brings tons of new features and performance enhancements. Lollipop is the most significant update from Google which took its already mature platform many steps further. Let us see what prominent changes are brought forward by Lollipop which set it apart from its predecessor- KitKat.


Lollipop brings two new battery features which were not available in KitKat. One of them shows how much time it will take for the battery to get fully charged and the other shows a graph which depicts how much time is remaining till your battery runs out. In addition, lollipop’s got a battery saver too. When your battery reaches 15%, you will be prompted with a notification asking if you’d like to turn it on and will improve battery life by limiting most background data.

Screenshot_battery1      Screenshot_battery2      Screenshot_battery3



Gone are the days when you had to manually adjust the audio settings of your device, when you needed times of silence, like while you are sleeping, or at work (or both.) With the new android Lollipop, these settings can be automated based on a set schedule. Interruptions allow you to control what falls into the Priority category, and what is left silent during your sleeping hours. Just Go to Settings > Sound & notification >Interruptions to set it up.

Screenshot_Interruptions 1      Screenshot_Interruptions 2      Screenshot_Interruptions 3


The Interruption settings allow for just one set of on/off. You will still need to take action to handle things completely. Simply turn Priority mode on/off by pressing your volume button then choosing Priority, just remember to turn it back to ‘All’ when your sleep/work is done.

Do remember, on selecting the ‘None’ option your alarm also turns off.

Screenshot_Interruptions 4


Notification Panel:

In Lollipop, you can see all your detailed notifications on your lock screen. Not only that, but you can interact with them as well. Simply swipe left and right to clear the notifications and double tap them to open. This might also be a problem if you tend to leave your phone unattended as anyone can have a look at your notifications. Therefore, there is also an option to turn this feature off. Just go to Settings > Sound & notification >When the device is locked if you want to hide sensitive alerts.

Screenshot_notifictaion panel


Multitasking has completely changed with Android Lollipop. You can now scroll through the notifications and open apps in a simpler manner. When playing a game or using an app, incoming call alerts can be extremely irritating as they insist on taking over the entire screen. However, with Lollipop, incoming call alerts are now just a minimal popup window that can easily be ignored.



Inbuilt Flash Light:

The most important feature which was missing from Android’s notification panel till now has now been included in it. Without installing any third party app, you can now simply use the flashlight by bringing down the notification panel.



Lollipop has truly changed the nature of smartphones and is a game changer upgrade in every manner.

Follow the link for the steps to upgrade to android lollipop, http://bit.ly/L_upgrade 


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