Dual Camera: The new feature in Smartphone Photography

Lava Z90 Dual Camera Phone

Lava Z90 Dual Camera Phone
Latest Android phones are getting the dual camera treatment from phone makers these days. For example, consider the recently launched budget smartphone, the Lava Z90, which comes with a dual camera setup and provides real-time bokeh effects to the pics you click.

In a dual camera setup, there are two photo sensors instead of a single one, however the fun is in the details. The primary sensor works like a normal camera sensor, while the second sensor adds picture elements which the primary sensor cannot add without help from software, such as bokeh effects and enhanced zoom. The two images are then processed through software processing and a single optimized image is added to your gallery.
Tech details aside, here, we are listing the user centric benefits offered by dual cameras in latest Android smartphones.

Realistic Special Effects

Images captured with dual camera Android phones look more realistic when using depth-of-field effects and have a more 3D-like look to them. Dual camera phones apply a natural looking Bokeh effect instead of the artificially implemented Bokeh from single camera phones. The out-of-focus parts of the image look more natural and provide a subtlety which is not possible when using a phone with single camera.

Significantly Better Photos in Low Light

Lighting is one of the most essential things in photography. Normal camera phones have a single sensor thus their ability to process the light entering the camera sensor is half that of a dual camera phone. Apart from being great at adding realistic effects to your photos, the secondary sensor in a dual camera Android smartphone like the Lava Z90, also captures the light and applies it to the captured image during post-processing.

Therefore, images shot in low light conditions with dual camera phones are always brighter and sharper, with more details and less noise.

Better Zoom-ins

With dual camera phones, you can zoom without losing too much quality, where in single camera phones the images begin to wash out the moment you deploy zoom. Here, the two sensors capture details and process them in real-time for a better zoom-in on far away objects.

Buying an affordable dual camera phone

Lava is an Indian smartphone company which doesn’t compromise on quality when it comes to their products and services. The company’s dual camera phone Lava Z90 is one of the most affordable dual-camera phones in India. Moreover, the company offers all its phones with a 2-year standard warranty, a testament to the company’s confidence in the quality of its devices.

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