Capture Great Low Light Photos: 7 Tips to Enhance your Party Shots!

low light selfie

How often have you ended up with dark corners and blurry faces when clicking a shot in low light with your smartphone? Some moments in life are meant to be cherished forever, don’t let a blurry camera shot ruin them for you. Here are a few tricks to help you capture brighter and clearer pictures with your smartphone camera the next time you take a shot under low light conditions.

Smartphones come with digital zoom

1. Tap to set the focus right

A tap on your phone screen before clicking a picture will help your phone camera to set the correct exposure and focus for the subjects of your shot.


2. Set the shutter speed manually

Android phones allow manual adjustment to camera settings. A lower shutter speed lets in more light into your camera sensor, allowing you to take brighter images in low light. If your phone does not allow manual camera settings by default, you can use a third-party app like ProShot for going manual.


3. Use flat surfaces to stabilise your shot

It is important to reduce motion while taking pictures in low light. You can use different surfaces (walls and table tops) to stabilise your position for a better shot.


4. Use external light sources instead of flash

Camera flash often over exposes your pictures. Remember when your face looks ghostly white? That. You will get far better results by positioning your shots according to the available environmental light around you.

Low Light Smartphone Camera

5. Do not use Zoom in low light

Smartphones come with digital zoom, which is basically cropping the image before you take a shot. So, avoid zooming in while taking low light photos, instead move closer to your subjects.

6. Use Black and White mode

Switching to black and white mode can produce significantly better results in low light, as it reduces digital colour noise and makes your pictures look vintage, and artistic.

7. Use the best resolution settings

Don’t switch your aspect ratio. Keep your camera’s originalaspect ratio, because using picture modes such as ‘square’, often degrades picture quality under low light.

8. Shoot with advanced sensors

Use a phone with advanced camera sensors and you can click more details in your low light shots. You can check out the Lava Z25, it comes with Sony’s Exmor sensor and has been lauded by smartphone reviewers for its low light camera picture capabilities.












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