Best Video Streaming Apps for on-the-go Entertainment

Best Video Streaming Apps


Talking about the streaming services market in India, the last couple of years have witnessed a massive explosion in the number of video streaming services, both domestic and from overseas. Earlier, YouTube was the only name Indians could think of when they wanted to watch videos online. Otherwise, users would also visit torrent sites mostly to watch pirated movies, TV shows, etc. With everything getting so digital and handy, the demand for video streaming apps has lately been increasing rapidly.

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Best trending on-the-go video streaming apps:

  • Netflix
  • Prime Video
  • Hotstar
  • Voot


Originated in the US, it is undeniably a strong contender for the title of the best streaming service in India, content taken into consideration. The USP of this app is Netflix originals which is well-liked by people around the globe. Being one of the first video streaming services which started uploading all the episodes in one go, Netflix provides excellent cross-device experience. You pause a title on one device and continue it on other without any hassle. Platforms supported for Netflix includes Web, Windows 10, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

It is a bit on the expensive side as its basic subscription costs Rs.500 per month and come with some restrictions too. Standard and Premium subscriptions cost Rs.650 and Rs.800.

NetFlix - Best Video Streaming App

Amazon Prime Video

The streaming service by the leading e-commerce company Amazon is another talked about name among people who want Netflix alternatives in India. Apart from its content, the reason why users should go for Prime Video is its price. Prime Video has surpassed Netflix in the number of subscribers, making it a true Netflix rival. The nature of the content on Prime Video is quite diverse with movies and TV shows in English as well as other content in different regional Indian languages.

Amazon Prime costs users Rs.999 per year as part of their offer, which is super cheap, and they have introduced an offer that will cost Rs.129 per month (including Prime membership).

Amazone Prime Video - Best Video Streaming App

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Owned by Star India, Hotstar is one of the best streaming sites in India that mainly features Bollywood movies and TV shows. It is also good to watch online live cricket matches and TV shows. If the number of active users is concerned, Hostar is the biggest streaming service in India that has surpassed both Netflix and Prime Video. The video streaming service offers something for users who love International content. Hotstar includes great titles from HBO, Showtime, ABC, etc. and also streams live news channels. Platforms supported are Web, Android, iOS, etc.

Its monthly subscription will cost you an economical Rs.199 per month for their Premium content catalog.

Hotstar - Best Video Streaming App

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Owned by Viacom 18, it provides online access to shows aired on their TV channels including Colors, MTV, etc. The catalog further expands to include numerous Indian movies. Voot has a dedicated kids section where it tries to maintain an air of nostalgia by offering shows like Powerpuff Girls, Mr. Bean, Pokemon, etc. It also provides its own set of web series under the brand name Voot Originals. All the streaming content on Voot is available for free. Similar to Hotstar, it doesn’t ask users to create an account to watch videos. However, a user account is required for a few things such as favorites, etc. Platforms supported are Web, Android, and iOS.

It is absolutely free right now; no subscription is required to stream content on their platform.

Voot - Best Video Streaming App

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