Best MMORPG Smartphone Games for 2017

Best MMORPG Smartphone Games


Best MMORPG Smartphone Games for 2017

2016 saw the arrival of a whole new generation of games to the Android mobile gaming space – MMORPG. The term means “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games”. These games have become so popular that every online advertising channel – be it YouTube videos, or Facebook and Instagram feeds – turns up an MMORPG ad every few minutes.

The main reason behind the popularity of these games is the presence of human competition, which makes gaming more personal. Every individual you meet in the fictional game world has a unique back story and you have an opportunity to fight it out for proving the Darwinian theory – survival of the fittest.

Here we list, 5 of the most exciting online MMORPG games for Android smartphones.

  1. Final Fantasy:

    The long running franchise for PC and consoles has made a veritable fan following on the mobile and tablet gaming platforms as well. The franchise is due to release a Final Fantasy XI Reboot, while the new Final Fantasy XV for mobile MMORPG genre has already achieved over 10 million installs.

  2. Lineage Red Knights:

    This new kid on the block has taken the MMORPG scene with a storm. The characters are fun and gaming controls are pretty slick and intuitive as well. First time users also get a whole lot of freebies upon joining. The game has over 1 million downloads already.

  3. Order and Chaos 2:

    Developed by mobile gaming giant Gameloft, the game builds upon the success of its first iteration with even better graphics and PvP elements. Apart from that, withnew weapons, arenas and solo campaigns, Order and Chaos 2 have already crossed 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

  4. Vendetta Online:

    A step away from the popular fantasy genre, this MMORPG depicts an expansive galactic universe. The game controls however require pro gaming skills – although the developer has now published a simplified version of the game for casual gamers. While install numbers are just over half a million, the game is a good one if you like a little bit of challenge.

  5. Last Day on Earth: Survival:

    If zombie apocalypse is your thing, then this one is for you. A survival based MMORPG that explores the dark future devoid of resources and shelter. The game has one of the highest rating on Google Play and over 10 million installs.

Ideal phone for playing MMORPG

You need a good smartphone for playing games, especially with today’s graphic heavy 3D games. If you are planning to buy a gaming smartphone for playing your favourite MMORPG, here are some specifications to look for:

  • Large screen size, ideally 5″ inches or more.
  • Quad Core Processor with good clock speeds.
  • 4GB of ram smartphones for smooth performance.
  • Decent internal storage with microSD for larger installs.
  • 4G enable smartphone  for online mobile gaming.

You can refer to devices from Indian mobile phone maker Lava Mobiles for buying a good gaming smartphone. Lava Mobiles offers several smartphones in this category such as the Lava Z25, Lava X81 and the Pixel V2.

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