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benefits of Full HD+ displays

benefits of Full HD+ displays


Full HD Display is no longer a term you can associate with TVs alone because this technology is now being used in just about every flagship smartphone today. HD stands for high definition. HD simply means a pixel measurement of 1280 x 720 pixels. No matter how large the screen is, as long as the pixel measurement remains at this measurement, it’s an HD display. Full HD is the next step up and is currently the standard for smartphone display definition. Full HD measures 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The pixel density will depend on how large the screen is overall. It’s a no secret that phone displays are getting much bigger than they used to be. So to enjoy a theater like an experience on Full HD smartphones, you need a screen size of at least 6 inches, else you’ll notice very little difference in image quality. Whether Full HD is worth it on a smartphone display depends on the use case. If you love to read e-books while traveling, watch movies or play games then you will love the FHD display.

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Here are some

Benefits of Full HD+ Displays:

Immersive Viewing Experience of Watching Videos

If you like to watch videos on your phone, you should at least have a smartphone supporting HD resolution. To experience stunning cinematics on your smartphone, the screen display should at least be 1080p which is the standard Full HD+ screen resolution measuring 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels.

Play Graphic-Intensive Advanced Games

Today, we have graphics-intensive games like WWE Immortals, PUBG, Asphalt, Game of Thrones, Star Wars and so much more to make you unleash your talents on mobile. Customizable characters, complicated console movements, amazingly detailed environments, realistic lighting effects and more were made possible due to the great features packed into an HD+ phone display. It ensures you get the best gaming experience.

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Ease of Accessing Online Tasks

It is common now to use smartphones for numerous tasks, including online shopping. Viewing text and images when shopping online, and entering detailed personal data when checking out your items both require a superior phone display. Imagine not being able to zoom in on your screen or virtually flip through tens and hundreds of pages of clothes and bags on sale. With HD+ display, you can view clear and sharp photos, and say goodbye to ordering wrong items or entering wrong information.

Protects Your Eyes

To avoid straining your eyes while reading, it is important that your phone’s screen is reasonably big for easy viewing and display is crisp and clear. From reading status updates on your social media feeds, text messages, articles on your browsers, e-books to email messages, you can do plenty of reading daily without straining your eyes.

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