The Benefits of Buying a Smartphone from an Indian Company

The Benefits of Buying a Smartphone from an Indian Company

The Benefits of Buying a Smartphone from an Indian Company

India is one of the largest markets for smartphones in the world. The large ratio of youth population has made the Indian smartphone market a target for top international smartphone brands. However, Indian smartphone companies have raised the bar for quality and features offered in Android Smartphones under the Make in India initiative.


Advantages of Buying a phone from an Indian Smartphone Company

Localized Software

A mobile phone from an Indian Smartphone Company, such as Lava Mobiles, will have the software to match Indian needs. Lava provides local language support in its Android Smartphones to ensure that everyone can use a 4G smartphone and be a part of the Digital India Mission.

Extended Hardware Warranty

Understanding the apprehensions of first-time smartphone buyers, Indian mobile phone makers are offering unique add-ons with their new devices. For instance, all new Lava Mobiles come with 2-years standard warranty on the hardware, which is being offered by no other competitor at the moment.

Value for Money

The Indian made smartphones offer the best value for your money. The reason behind this is simple, an Indian mobile company understands the needs of the local consumers and thus, makes products accordingly. For example; the Lava Z series offers smartphones at every price point. Enjoy all the major features of a smartphone such as camera, web browsing and apps with a Lava Z60 or upgrade for a more powerful performance, camera image quality and security features with a Lava Z90, it’s your choice.

Peace of Mind

When you buy an Made in India product, you are also buying peace of mind that comes with a great product or service. An Indian smartphone company will always have a service center in your town or city.So, you can rely on the company to take care of those rare maintenance and repair tasks, without posing any hassles or long waiting periods.

What are your thoughts on buying Indian smartphones? Let us know in the comments section below.Visit Lava Mobile products page to browse the Lava Z Series, which is our latest smartphone range.

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