Benefits of BSI & EXMOR RS Sensors in Cameras


When you go though the specifications of your smart phones, you’ve probably noticed that we mention that we make use of a BSI Sensor in many of our cameras. What is it? What is it good for? Is it just a marketing buzzword? We at Lava always aim to offer our customers the best and the latest technology at the lowest prices. Be it HD screens, CABC technology and so forth. In the world of digital cameras, a BSI sensor is the latest piece of technology that lets you take much better pictures and we are proud to offer this technology in many of our camera phones.

The Backside Illuminated or BSI Sensor is particularly useful for taking pictures at night and helps to reduce noise that you usually get when you take pictures at night with an LED flash. It does this by increasing the amount of light that the imaging sensor receives. While this may seem like something elementary, getting it done was quite hard.

In a non BSI(FSI) sensor, the photosensitive layer of pixels is formed on top a silicon wafer on to which layers of circuit added. This blocks some of the light from reaching the pixels and thus the sensitivity of the sensor is reduced.

BSI sensor for your smartphone camera

In a BSI Sensor, most of the circuitry is the same but the silicon wafer is flipped around and is made quite thin so that more light can shine through. This allows the sensor to capture up to twice as much light and thus the end result is better. This helps to make our devices ergonomically superior and slimmer.

Aside from the BSI Sensor that goes in most of our phones like: Lava Iris X1, Lava Magnum X604, we have also used a 10 mp SONY EXMOR RS sensor in our Lava Iris 504Q+. The sensor makes use of a one of a kind ‘stacked structure’. In this sensor, the layer of photosensitive pixels is placed over the circuitry. The result is that you get a much better photograph with more details as well as better colour reproduction.

At Lava, building phones with better cameras is one of our founding ideas as we understand how much our consumers love taking pictures.


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