Awesome New Tech in the Lava Iris fuel 60


The Lava Iris fuel 60 comes with a plethora of exciting features such as an HD screen, 10 MP camera and of course, the massive 4000 mAh battery that dwarfs the competition. However, the Lava Iris fuel 60 also has a few other tricks up its sleeve in the form of HotKnot and Cast Screen.

HotKnot is a brand new tech that has got the world quite excited. It is a proximity based technology that allows devices to communicate and pair when they are in close proximity. However, HotKnot manages to do this but at a much lower cost making it ideal for budget devices that aim to offer array of features at a low cost.

HotKnot does not need any specialised equipment like an antenna or a RF chip. Instead, it makes use of sensors that are generally already in the phone to pair two devices.  This is why HotKnot is becoming so popular and so many equipment manufacturers are opting to use it on their new devices.

With HotKnot, all you need to do is start it up and then ensure that the screen of your device remains unlocked. Then simply touch the screen of both devices together. After a while, there will be a voice prompt that will let users know that their devices have been paired and data transfer has been done.

Lava Iris fuel 60- HotKnot feature  Lava Iris fuel 60- HotKnot feature  Lava Iris fuel 60- HotKnot feature

The most obvious use of the technology is easier sharing of files between the various devices. HotKnot is a lot simpler and easier than traditional methods of pairing since all one has to do is touch the displays of the two devices together.

Another bit of tech that you will find in the fuel 60 is the ‘Cast Screen’ feature. This feature lets you mirror what you are seeing on the display of the phone to an external source like a TV or a monitor. So the next time you want to share an awesome picture, you can cast the image on your TV or on your monitor without passing around the phone or having people huddled around your phone. This makes it the best way to show off your last vacation pictures.

To start casting your screen, first you need to ensure that the display where you need to cast your phones’ display must support the screen casting feature. Then simply turn on the option for screen cast and select the option of enable wireless display and choose the device and there you will be streaming to that device even before you know it.

Lava Iris fuel 60- Cast Screen Tech                 Lava Iris fuel 60- Cast Screen Tech

The best part about both these features is that they both are simple and easy to use. One doesn’t need to be a tech whizz to get them to work.

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