Awesome Hidden Features of Android Marshmallow

Access Google Now with a single tap


We recently upgraded our smartphones with the latest Android update from Google. The Android 6.0 or Marshmallow update adds a set of amazing new features and performance improvements to your Lava smartphone. Here is a list of hidden features that have been added to your Lava phone by the Marshmallow update.

Access Google Now with a single tap

Access Google Now with a single tap

Google Now is arguably one of the most useful features on Android smartphones. Marshmallow introduces a new feature called “Google Now on Tap” which allows users to access Google Now from within already open apps. Your won’t have to move away from the open as the Google Now interface will open as an overlay.

Google Now on Tap detects your on-screen content and shows suggestions and links based on that. Google Now cards integration is also underway to make this feature even more informative and immersive.

Voice Search from the Lock Screen itself

Voice search from the lock screen itself

Taking lock screen customization, a step further, the Marshmallow update for your Lava phone adds the ability to do voice searches directly from the lock screen even if your phone is password or fingerprint locked. Just swipe right from the lock screen to access this feature.

Track your smartphone’s security status

smartphone's security status

Owing to the recent hacking attacks and prevalent use of malware apps to steal personal information, Google is releasing security patches from time to time. You can now go to Settings > About Phone and check your Android Security Patch Level to know more about your system’s ability to handle outside threats.

Set individual App permissions

Set individual App permissions

More and more app developers are using push notifications and requesting access to your personal data such as contacts, messaging, email, etc. While useful, these features can result in a whole lot of notifications or unintentional sharing of personal data. Android Marshmallow remedies that by providing an app notification managers in the settings menu. You can now set individual app permissions and breathe easy knowing that you won’t be getting annoying notifications every time you install a new app.

Override Battery Saver mode for selected apps

Override Battery Saver mode for selected apps

While Android’s battery saver helps you conserve power by putting the apps into a sleep mode after they have been inactive for an extended period, there are always some apps like email, messaging, etc. which you use frequently and want to run in the foreground. Android Marshmallow allows you to add app exceptions when using battery saver mode to keep them running in the background.

The customary Easter egg game

The customary Easter egg game

Well, this is not exactly a hidden feature since most Android users are aware of the hidden Easter egg game. But if you have just bought your first Android smartphone, simply open Settings > About Phone and tap on the Android version repeatedly. It will pop up and display a colorful Marshmallow logo, tap once on the logo and the game will launch. Once again, it’s an Androidified version of Flappy Bird and is extremely difficult to master – check it out if you are up for a challenge.

While Android Marshmallow is essentially an incremental update, it brings many security and performance updates to the OS. Google has also added user friendly features such as intuitive copy and paste feature, split screen apps, etc. The catch here is that there are only a handful of smartphone manufacturers with Marshmallow powered handsets. Lava Mobiles is one of those companies and has released some of the most affordable Marshmallow powered smartphones. Click here to browse all Lava products.



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